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Slate floor damage revive and seal

  Slate floor Bishops Stortford, Herfordshire, the above 2 images clearly show the extensive damage . The Client was advised by the installer that nothing could be done to restore the floor tiles and that complete replacement would be necessary,  when i visited the site my initial  reaction was of concern but i advised that […]

Published:12th Dec, 2017

  This Limestone was particularly carbon soiled that had penetrated very deeply after many many years of open fires, well worth the time taken to restore by re-vive stone Hertfordhire, we restore cut and re-finish all stone in-situ or smaller works can be taken away to restore, just call us on 07737655871 or email […]

Published:11th Dec, 2017

  Beautiful Marble inlays creating a stunning statement stones used include Rioja, Alicante, Forest Green, Negro Bilbao, Emparador, Crema Marfil, “Re-Vive – Your marble polishing specialists in Kent!”   It’s not just polishing, we offer a full restoration to the marble, and in this case there were some repairs to small holes that opened up particularly […]

Published:6th Dec, 2017

Concrete Polishing Repair Cambridge Cambridgeshire , When things go wrong  a poor weak concrete mix resulting in aggregate popping out and  and sandy crumbly surface no matter how much densifier is applied it will not consolidate a bad mix. a very challenging project that took much longer to complete due to so much pitting on […]

Published:5th Dec, 2017

A good grade  Travertine material should  withstand  many many years wear and tear however all to often i see some poor grade material that has found its way on the floor in a market that is increasingly cost driven . In addition  a poor cleaning and maintenance regime can also decrease the longevity of the […]

Published:21st Nov, 2017

Soap stone is a metamorphic rock, but why is this rock called soapstone? Well if you thought is was related to a bar of soap you would be wrong, however the name does give you a clue! Got it? No? Okay here is the clue: the reason for the name soap stone is because it […]

Published:18th May, 2016

Recent repairs to marble statues and monument rebuilding: The statues had been badly repaired using OPC over the years and the monument had been repaired before. It’s a very attractive Limestone with rich colour. It had surface decay and contamination however the stone was sound. The original repair was the weakest point.

Published:5th May, 2016

Testimonial from one of our many domestic customers: Hi Karl, Please find attached a few photos of the fireplace now that it has been restored…hopefully they are what you are looking for. Just to reiterate, I was delighted with the level of expertise you showed in restoring our fireplace; the standard of work was extremely […]

Published:11th Dec, 2015

We got called in by a client to repair damage caused by a removal firm.  She said it was a marble top and on first inspection from a distance it does look like it! however ….. “Surprise” It turned out to be slate. ” yep!”  We turned up expecting to polish out scratches and it […]

Published:21st Nov, 2013