Concrete Polishing

The super concrete polishing floor system is a method of transforming an ordinary concrete floor into a beautiful glossy, easy to clean and maintain, flooring surface.

Recent developments in advanced concrete polishing equipment and techniques enable us to grind concrete floor surfaces, whether old or new, into a highly polished surface that never needs waxes or coatings, and that will not peel or wear off.

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A polished floor provides an extremely high quality durable surface similar to natural polished stones, but with a superior hardness that results in high resistance to traffic wear







The method creates a very flat and smooth surface, ideal for industrial purposes including –

  • showrooms
  • restaurants
  • office facilities
  • warehousing
  • automotive shops
  • garages
  • showroom floors and internal residences

Firstly, grinding and exposing the aggregates within the concrete adds colour to make the flooring look amazing. The concrete is polished to a high shine that will need very little maintenance without chemicals, making it an ecological floor choice.

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